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The Terroir (total growth environment in French), not only the climate, terrain or soil but also including people who live there and their cultures of each land. This Terroir is a principal concept to produce natural wine in GRAPEREPUBLIC.

The farmland and brewery facilities are set up in Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture where the hills are at the north and the fertile ground spread to the south.

A land suitable for making grapes, where it has a climate with an intense temperature gap, low humidity throughout the day and a smooth drain geology, but cultivation abandoned areas are noticeable here and there now.

By producing a high quality grape and natural wine from here, we would like to gather new farmers or new wineries and revitalize the increasing abandoned farmland. Eventually, collaborations with famous products of Nanyo City or agribuserism will also be developed, and form a big winemaking area like "Grape Republic" throughout the city. That is our concept.

Made of 100% Grapes

GRAPEREPUBLICを表現する言葉のひとつに、“Made of 100% Grapes”というものがあります。ワインの原料となるのは、南陽市の風土を生かして作られたブドウのみ。余分と考えられるものは何ひとつ加えません。それはブドウ作りの過程においても同様。除草剤や殺虫剤をはじめとする農薬はもちろんのこと、肥料や酸化防止剤も使用せず、補糖や補酸も行わず、酵母は天然のものだけにこだわっています。

One of the phrases that expresses natural wine of GRAPEREPUBLIC is "Made of 100% Grapes", we use only the grapes from Nanyo City climate and add nothing else.
Progress of grape cultivation is the same, we do not use any pesticides such as herbicides or insecticides, as well as fertilizers or antioxidants, never adding any sugar or acid, yeast is natural one only.
The acid around the seeds is essential to make wine that the reason we do not treat gibberellin. Whole progress is covered with a sound eco-cycle.
Regardless of appearance or ease of eating, it is a possible method because those grapes are seeking only taste and sugar contents to produce good wine. Grapes harvest was only 100 kg in 2015, and it became 40tons with surrounding farmers cooperation in 2017. It is expected to increase further in the future.


2017 年 9 月末に醸造施設が完成しました。施設の大きな特徴となるのは、 スペインから直輸入した陶器の醸造瓶、17 基からなるアンフォラ。収穫したブドウを除梗機で実と枝に分けたあと、 足で踏むことにより破砕したものをアンフォラに保存します。あとは別の菌に冒されないよう、 二酸化炭素のガスとともに密閉するだけで、自ら発酵してワインができるという代物です。

The brewery facility was completed at the end of September 2017. A major feature of the facility is a terra cotta pot imported directly from Spain, 17 Amphora.

After dividing the harvested grapes into fruits and branches with a sorting machine, save the foot crushed fruits in Amphora. Seal the pot with the carbon dioxide gas to avoid another fungus affection will ferment itself to become wine.

Please feel this natural flavor with your five senses.


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